Winter Midweeks

During winter, midweek bookings are welcome from all sections of Scouting, and also the general public. School Holidays in particular are a popular time for large groups of family and friends to book out the Lodge.

Things run slightly differently during the week, as we cannot provide a volunteer resident Warden.

Guests MUST supply their own linen, blankets and pillows. We only provide a mattress.

If you have any problems, or there are maintenance issues during your stay, report them to the Bookings Officer so that they can be fixed. When emergency repairs are needed, you can contact anyone on the emergency contacts list.

All guests are expected to leave the lodge in the condition that they found it, which includes cleaning. All the cleaning products you will need are available in the bathroom outside Room E. Guests who are booked into only 1 or 2 rooms should ensure that they:

  • Vacuum your own bedroom
  • Wash, dry and put away any dishes used.
  • Wipe over benches and tables you used.
  • Assist to tidy/vacuum the lounge area.
  • Replace a share of firewood from downstairs under the lodge. (roughly 3 logs per person per night stayed)
  • Clean the bathrooms that you used.