Baw Baw Rover Crew

Membership of the Baw Baw Rover Crew is not a reward to Rovers who have spent years running the Lodge, like the Bogong and Mafeking Rover Crews. Instead, it is a celebration of the commitment that a Rover makes to the future operation and development of Lodge.

The Baw Baw Rover Crew was formed in February 1977 as the Baw Baw Action Committee, to promote the maintenance and management of the WF Waters Lodge. To promote the idea that all Rovers were welcome, the name was changed that September to the Baw Baw Rover Crew.

In 1979, the Crew was officially registered with the Victorian Rover Council as the Baw Baw Service Crew. Since then, it has operated as a VRC Subcommittee, responsible for the operation and development of the Lodge.

To join the Baw Baw Rover Crew, a Rover needs to show a commitment to the Lodge. This is normally shown by regularly attending the monthly lodge management meeting and helping out at at least one working bee over the course of a year or more.

Membership is not available to Booted Rovers, Leaders aged over 26, or other supporters.

Current Rovers wanting to get involved should contact the Chairman.

ASF WF Waters Rover Lodge Mt Baw Baw

WF Waters Lodge has its own chapter of the Australian Scout Fellowship, for those people who remain committed to the Lodge, but are no longer Rover Scouts and do not wish to take up another role in Scouting. Most Fellowship members are no longer actively involved with the day to day management of the Lodge, but they all remain an invaluable resource and help the current committee out in many ways. Many have regular annual bookings of the Lodge with their families and friends.

Anyone wanting to get involved should contact the Chairman.

Baw Baw

The name “Baw Baw” itself comes from an aboriginal word meaning ‘echo’. The first European exploration of the Baw Baw Plateau was made by botanist Baron Ferdinand van Mueller in 1860. In true 1800’s explorer style, he named it Mt Mueller and Mt Erica.