Mt Baw Baw is an excellent place to go hiking from during the green season, and has options to cover hikers of all levels of both experience and fitness. There are opportunities to discover the rare wildlife and flowers that you definitely won’t be able to spot during the snow season.

Local maps are available from the Resort, but for longer treks you’ll want to invest in a good topographic maps from your usual supplier.

Remember that even in Summer, the weather can turn quickly in Alpine areas, so make sure that you are well prepared for all contingencies.

Baw Baw Trails

Winding around the Baw Baw resort is a network of short trails, which you may be familiar with, if you have ever skied Baw Baw cross-country.

Mushroom Rocks

For the more serious hikers, why not make a full weekend of it?

Mushroom Rocks are a formation which, surprisingly enough, resemble some mushrooms. Starting from the Mt Erica Car Park, you will pass the JW McMahon Hut (also known as the Captain Hurley Rover Hut), built and maintained by Captain Hurley Rover Crew, (or even stay there on Friday night) before reaching the rocks themselves. On your way to the Lodge, you will summit Mt Baw Baw, Mt St Phillack, Talbot Peak and Mt Erica. You will pass through some of the most interesting scenery on the Baw Baw Plateau. Then, spend a night relaxing at the Lodge before heading back down – or perhaps some of your Crew members who don’t like hiking might be willing to do a car shuffle before meeting up with the hike party for Saturday Night Shenanigans?

The Australian Alps Walking Track

Stretching from Walhalla to Canberra, the Australian Alps Walking Track is 650km long and passes through some of the most beautiful areas of the country. It links up with the Baw Baw trail network on the way to Mt St Gwinear and offers a number of interesting features within walking distance of the Lodge.