Explore Gippsland

Gippsland is probably Victoria’s most diverse region, stretching from the southern slopes of the Great Dividing Range to Bass Straight, and from just outside Melbourne’s eastern suburbs all the way to the New South Wales border.

The region is criss-crossed with roads and rivers, covered in forests and plains rises to majestic summits and sinks down into quiet valleys. Whether you’re visiting tiny hamlets like Walhalla or making the trek down to the bustling towns of the Rural City of La Trobe, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to shop for great, locally-produced products, not to mention the food that is on offer.

No matter what you’re looking to do, WF Waters Lodge is a great place to base your stay over the Green Season – you can head down the mountain in the mornings, and come back up to enjoy all the comforts you’re used to at the Lodge each night.

Tours by the Resort

Mt Baw Baw offers a couple of different tours in the immediate area of the mountain over the summer months, the Noojee Regional Exploration Tour to the east and the Walhalla Regional Tour to the west. Both tours will introduce you to historic townships and natural beauty. In their heydays, Walhalla was a gold-mining town, while Noojee was focused on forestry and you’ll see plenty of places that hark back to those times on the tours.

Mt Baw Baw also organise Fly Fishing trips, giving anglers the chance to fish the West Tanjil River as well as Lake Blue Rock – which is stocked annually with both brown and rainbow trout.

More info is available from: http://www.mountbawbaw.com.au/

Power Trail

Gippsland is home to rich deposits of brown coal, which supplies the vast majority of Victoria’s electrical power. Tourist Route 93 is marked with brown route markers and consists of 15 stops, including the major power stations and the open cut mine as well as the town of Morwell and some scenic lookouts.

More info is available from: http://www.visitlatrobecity.com/

Walhalla & Mountain Rivers Trail

The foothills of the Great Dividing Range offer a wide range of amazing scenery, from alpine forests to pristine waterways. Tourist Route 91 is marked with brown route markers and consists of 12 different stops, including a number of scenic lookouts, parks, mountains and the township itself.

More info is available from: http://www.visitlatrobecity.com/

Lake Blue Rock

Built next to the township of Willow Grove, Lake Blue Rock is stocked each year with Brown and Rainbow Trout, however the dam also provides opportunities for swimming, boating and rowing. There is a boat ramp and other amenities such as barbecue and picnic areas.

More info is available from: http://www.srw.com.au/recreation/blue-rock-lake/