Rover Weekends

During winter, almost all weekend bookings are held for Rovers. Winter Weekends are fully catered, and there will be a resident Warden to assist you in operating the Lodge and generally help to make your stay more fun!

While many weekends are solely booked out by the one Crew, smaller Crews are welcome to get in earlier and make them share with you. Individual Rovers are even welcome to come along! Like so much in Rovering, if you want to come to a Winter Weekend, you are welcome to bring along as many, or as few, other Rovers with you as you like.

Televisions, DVDs and so on are NOT permitted in the Lodge on weekends. They are antisocial and do not act in accordance with the atmosphere of the lodge. We do however, have a great sound system installed in the lounge which makes for great parties – make sure you bring along some music.


You are welcome to use the Lodge on Friday (so long as there are no midweek bookings.) Contact the Bookings Officer if some of your Rovers will be heading up early on Friday to find out how to get in and start up the Lodge.


Your Wardens will arrive on Friday, after they have finished work and picked up the food for the weekend.
You can organise Ski Hire through your Warden if you have cash – saving you having to line up at Ski Hire, or paying a deposit.
Let your Wardens know of any problems, or maintenance issues as early as possible during your stay so that they can be fixed.

Saturday Night

Dinner on Saturday night is a formal affair. Rovers and other uniformed members are expected to dress for dinner, in full uniform.
Members of the Baw Baw, Alpine or Bogong Rover Crews are requested to wear that scarf to dinner.
After dinner, many Crews have a themed dress-up night if your party hasn’t booked out the entire lodge, why not get in contact with the other Crews coming up and invite them to join in?


All guests are expected to leave the lodge in the condition that they found it, which includes cleaning. Each room has an assigned duty, and all the cleaning products you will need are available in the bathroom outside Room E.